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Group Together

Having a newsletter or a large email list is great for you to talk to your customers. Maybe your customers can learn more by talking to each other as well.

If your business has content, videos or advice that you want to share it might be time to start a Group on Facebook.

Having a Facebook group has lots of advantages like a defined audience, more engagement, exclusivity and more. Knowing if it's right for your business is simple.

If you;re hoping to one day leverage your audience towards loftier goals or if you want to create a gated community for content or discussions then you may want to start.

Start as soon as you can and build that group with the audience you already have to begin. Know that having a group also takes effort and skills to keep it maintained.

Thing to consider:

Mission statement


Group Rules

How often you can post

Time Commitment to the group

How to grow

Comment your group below if you already have one.


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