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About Rachel and Sunnie




We are Rachel and Sunnie, a pair a tech savvy entrepreneurs who want to take the labor out of running your business' social media.


As a passionate and detail-oriented industry professional, Rachel enjoys approaching problems with an users perspective. A large part of her success while working with people stems from her background in customer service and hospitality. Rachel is a graduate of Product School and Nucamp Coding Bootcamp with a specialization in React and React Native. Have a look at the work she's done in the past, and get in touch to learn more. Resume can be viewed below!

Meet Sunnie


Sunnie was a bartender before she decided to move into the world of tech. Digital marketing has always been something she dabbled with, posting when she was working to drum up her own business. After noticing that a friend needed help with social media plus the clients website she took it upon herself to take on this project. She got stuck and asked the friend if they could wait, she wanted to educate herself before going any further. During covid she attended Wyncode and also took online classes with Google.

We can assist you with 

  • Web Design

  • (Wix, Squarespace or Custom code)

  • SEO 

  • Social Media 

  • Content Creation

  • Virtual Events

  • E-commerce 

  • E-Mail Marketing

  • Online Ordering

  • Virtual Assistant

Virtual Team Meeting
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