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Color Stain

Half Way There

Its already July!

More than half of the year has gone by already.

How's that New Year's Resolution coming along?

Last year it took 364 days to reach my goal.

Oh, don't worry everyone forgets by this time of year what goals they set and what they told themselves would be different this year.

I only bring this up because last year I had completely abandoned my goals by this time. Completely resigned to failing myself for another year.

2021 was a tough year after bad news, violence and heartbreak. When was I supposed to work on ME and my goals? In August, I sacrificed something important to most people but I knew I could live without. Something that was only distracting from the finish line and wasn't helping me at all. I got back to my goals, my needs and on December 30, 2021 I met my New Year's Resolution for the 1st time in years. That was 364 days of feeling like I failed, hating myself and figuring things would never happen for me.

I made the sacrifice and stayed on the path and now I'm living that future I didn't think I could only 1 year ago.

You still have time....


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