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Color Stain

Persistence Pays Off

"Persistence is the twin sister of excellence. One is a matter of time, the other, a matter of quality"

Celebrated my new job with a glass of wine with those words written on the bottle. How perfect!

If spent 4 years learning coding on and off while working at a terrible Sports Bar in Downtown San Francisco. I had so many issues getting the bar to run more efficiently and had an Idea. I sat with the host of the Gays in Tech meetup group for lunch one day and shared my thoughts. After about 10 mins he told me "You should just build it yourself!"

Astonished and baffled, I didn't even know what to say next. This was not even the beginning of my coding journey but it was a catalyst for change.

I didn't know I could change and thought I was stuck on one path forever. I was a restaurant manager with no voice in my current role and fought like hell for the little scraps I got.

That job was the last time I had safety, security, a salary or even health insurance. I QUIT.

Welcome to my crazy ride.....

I was jobless in a city with the highest rents and rate of living without family or friends. Desperation is the mother

of Innovation, when I'm up against a wall I adapt and push back. I signed up for FreeCodeCamp and picked up a Part-Time job and worked as hard as I could but self-taught had its own problems.

I'll explain in my next post.


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