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Color Stain

Best Self = Best Business

Building a better business and your best self go hand in hand. Your business wins and triumphs affect your sense of self worth and self-esteem. Motivating you to keep going and growing. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.

So what are you doing to be your best self?

>> Meditation

>> Coaching

>> Asking for help

Just a few ways to improve your self and your business together.

Too often we can get stuck in our heads and equating self improvement with clear yet unrealistic goals for our lifestyle.

  • wake up at 5 am everyday

  • run 17 miles before breakfast

  • complete a new book everyday on the train to work

Personally, I choose tactics that are more in line with my life. If my goal is to gain new clients, but I'm shy or introverted, I might set myself up to meet 1 new person a day. Everyone i meet is a new opportuity to close a deal. Yet, with this tactic, I have an opportunity to make myself proud and meet 4-10 new people on some days when I'm motivated. Can you give your self a goal like this?


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